Mark Galup is a Nashville-based Producer/Engineer, Mixer, and MFiT-approved Mastering Engineer, who specializes in bringing music to life at its full potential. As a producer, writer, and multi-instrumentalist, Mark knows the importance of taking the time to understand the goals of the artists and songs he works with. He applies his well-honed intuition to reveal and capture your creative vision in exceptional, timeless recordings. He has a wide appreciation for music, and works with a spectrum of genres, from americana, to indie-rock, to modern pop.

Mark works out of his studio, Reel Recording - a boutique hybrid analog & digital studio catered to his mixing and mastering work - along with his mix and engineer partner, Erik Thompson. Using techniques and skills he's developed throughout nearly half of his life spent in the music business, he creates one-of-a-kind experiences, making sure you get the sounds of your dreams, even on a modest budget.

Mark's studio sports a vintage Neotek Series 1e console, an analog front-end of ear-picked tube and solid-state gear, the most sophisticated analog-modeling plugins in the world made by Acustica Audio, and top-notch Crane Song converters. Reel Recording is also an MFiT (Mastered For iTunes) Approved mastering studio.

Take a Tour of Mark's Boutique Studio, Reel Recording: